Eye Services


At See Breeze Optometry, we are committed to taking care of all your eye care needs. A thorough examination analyzing eye health and vision function is provided in a very professional and comfortable environment. In addition to eye exams and vision testing, specialized testing is utilized to detect glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. All efforts are made to address each and every concern that a patient may have. Some of our other services and products include:

Comprehensive Eye Exam

It all starts with your professional comprehensive eye examination to evaluate the quality of your vision and the health of your eyes. Routine eye exams are very important in maintaining good eye health as vision and eye problems don’t always show clear signs or symptoms. By diagnosing vision and eye conditions early on, we are able to provide treatment options and in many cases restore or prevent vision loss. The best way to protect your vision is with yearly comprehensive eye exams.

Contact Lens Exam

Today, there are many different types of contact lenses available. As part of your contact lens evaluation, we will help you determine which modality of contact lens best suits your eyes and goals. The initial selection will be based on several factors including: corneal curvature, prescription, cornea health and lifestyle. Before finalizing your prescription, trial contact lenses will be dispensed for you to take home and wear in your own environment. Let us know when booking your appointment if you are interested in contact lenses.

LASIK Consultation

Pre-operative and post-operative evaluations are provided for LASIK and other vision correction procedures here at Huntington Valley Optometry. Call us today at 714-848-0028 (Westminster) or 714-964-3811 (Huntington Beach) to schedule an examination to see whether or not you would be a good candidate for a successful LASIK procedure.

Treatment and Management of Eye Diseases

Utilizing cutting edge technology, we are able to thoroughly test your eyes to diagnose and manage diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration.